MD Perspective Nigeria Limited specializes in a range of activities that is guaranteed to make your products more saleable through provision of special and tailored services like market analysis, publicity & promotion and market surveys. We are dedicated to making sure that our clients’ products become more appealing to the eye of the consumer. Trade Promotion in its true essence is simply the bridge between manufacturers (service providers) and retailers. It encapsulate every efforts at making products or services more attractive and appealing to the retailers.


The World Trade Organization defines “trade facilitation” as the simplification and harmonisation of international trade procedures. Trade facilitation encompasses every action driven towards the smooth and secure exchange of goods and services across national borders.
Nigeria is known as one of the largest importers of goods and services in the world, this reputation as well as its large population has and continues to attract international business people to the country. However, much as they desire to enter the Nigerian market, there have been a few challenges and barriers, which have discouraged them. Major amongst these is the dearth of knowledge about the local Nigerian market, its characteristics, its dynamics and its make-up.
MD Perspective Nigeria Limited offers its services as a trade facilitator and its staff’s experience in the Nigerian marketing, working with clients within and outside the borders of Nigeria provides just the innovation needed for successful international trade relationship with organisations in Nigeria
We possess international exposure and the essential knowledge of the local market.
We are therefore your gateway into the Nigerian market.



Trade Fairs & Exhibitions are potent tools for manufacturers, service providers, consultants and business people, to reach out in one fell swoop to key players in various sectors under one roof. It provides opportunities to showcase product and services, with additional opportunities for live discussions, explanations, responses to enquiries. The immense advantage of an exhibition or a trade fair is therefore immeasurable.
Our basket of services in this area include but not limited to:
• Organisation of Exhibitions & Fairs
• Management of Exhibition & Fairs
• Consultancy services
• Location Management
• Publicity, Promotion and Sales Services
• Logistics Management
• Registration & Data Management



Business Linkages usually involve two companies with similar inclinations but different capabilities coming together to achieve a common goal. Large transnational companies seek to extend their tendrils into attractive economies so as to bolster trade and eventually make profit. SMEs are targeted for such enterprises because of their pliability and their high potential for growth.
MD Perspective Nigeria Limited facilitates such projects by providing avenues for both parties to meet and discuss terms.



Market Communication is any process by which an organization sends information about its goods and services to its consumers or clients. This could involve advertisement, digital marketing, promotion, canvassing, etc. For companies with the desire to improve their market presence and market share, we will provide the necessary tools and services to create the much needed reach of their potential customers, thereby increasing their presence in the market and ultimately earning them a larger share of the market. The greatest advantage we give is the cost effective manner we make this happen and in a timely manner.


How to make money? Where to spend money? What to spend money on? Important questions every business owner must ask, there are other questions to ask but majorly, these questions boil down to who makes the decisions. Every successful business have two things in common; good management and good financial practice. Management helps to steer the ship the right way and prudent financial practice and deployment keeps the ship afloat.
Our team comes with decades of experience in keeping a business ship afloat and on the right path and we provide businesses who have challenges in these two major areas with the cutting edge decision necessary for their survival and growth.


In the day to day running of organizations, there comes a need for organizing events, meetings, programmes, which could be formal or informal in nature. MD Perspective Nigeria provides all the essential services that produce quality and well managed events for our clients.
We analyse and understand the needs of the clients and present matching plans, which goes in tandem with the clients funding capacity and plans.
Our target is to make your dream come true by transforming them into a resounding reality.