The Lords Solution Ministry was born from a Divine Revelation to Prophet Chukwudi N.Chukwukwulu by God in 2002 in which he was asked by God to go and tell people the truth about God. showing them the way to heaven.

The revelation was examined under God’s light for six years and on Wednesday 13th of Feb. 2008. the ministry had its first meeting in a sitting room at 20/22 Asiri Akofu STreet, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos with about 32 persons in attendance. Since then the journey has never been the same as the Lord has moved us from strength to strength.

The Lord has been with the ministry confirming his calling with undeniable evidences we have experienced many challenging times, but the Lord has been faithful and our helper.


To bring souls out of the kingdom of darkness by deliverance through the word of God and winning Souls to the kingdom of heaven and helping the less privileged.


Taking the children of God to the top, breaking of evil altars against families, communities and Nations through the word of God and His Prophecy reaching out to the needy.

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